Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yuan Meng: Ubuntu 9.10 new version of the debut

Beijing time 22:30, Ubuntu 9.10 released. People to each other to celebrate the arrival of this moment.

I was in the last 23:24 was found Ubuntu website banners "Ubuntu 9.10 is here", I immediately "Ubuntu laboratory" calls that come to celebrate this moment. To tell the truth, a lot of new 9.10 version, which re-design the whole system software, the person's experience (or demand) placed in the center (heart of). October 26, in a conference call, Mark Shuttleworth, Mr. said the goal be achieved. It can be said, Ubuntu has taken a big step forward.

In fact, download the 9.10 version of the ISO file, be made Live USB (or DVD), not difficult, there is a corresponding installation tool. The 9.10 version, as the self system, into the U disk has many benefits, allows more users to experience new features of version 9.10. That is, with Live USB, the user need not undergo the pain of installation, you can easily enjoy the new version of the wonderful experience.

The new version is Ubuntu 9.10 Ubuntu website called "Free Operating System for your desktop". If the remark seriously, its meaning is quite profound. Look, Ubuntu 9.10 version seems closer to the GNU / Linux (ie gNewSense) the true meaning of the specific situation is unclear. 9.10 version new features are: fast start, beautiful interface, easy to use, and in close connection with the cloud. Cloud computing and the perfect hook to Ubuntu 9.10 version into a modern sense of personal desktops, to be exact, is an advanced "self-Desktop." We are convinced, Ubuntu 9.10 custom version of the Chinese culture charming ease of use, and Windows 7 must have a go.

Ubuntu 9.10 release, Ubuntu is actually a branch of the concentration of released versions, such as: Kubuntu 9.10, Xubuntu 9.10, Edubuntu 9.10 and the Internet version of the dedicated Remix 9.10 (for 20 kinds of online version). According to foreign media reports, Ubuntu 9.10 is the old XP user to upgrade the old system a viable option, comparison, too expensive to upgrade to Win 7, in particular its flagship edition (2,460 yuan a).

Yesterday afternoon, I met in Shenzhen to Beijing on behalf of Miss Liu Jialu Wu Bangtuo (in the bottom of an Office Building Yuyuantan South Russian restaurant), to discuss the enterprise cloud computing platform and the U disk of mass production problems. We unanimously recognized that, at present, Live USB (U disk that is self-starting) the market demand has been formed, must act. In our case, this "self-desktop" never seen before. We believe, U disk-to-market, all kinds of criticism will disappear, of course, so whoever has the standout.

Description: Ubuntu 9.10 new release, the positive evaluation of the foreign media, many people have high hopes for its. Many PC manufacturers are optimistic about the market prospects of pre-installed Ubuntu. At present, a medium-intensity global Ubuntu ecosystem is emerging, and is healthy growth, gradually showing a GNU / Linux desktop enormous power. If we do not see the objective development trend (gNewSense rise), it will lose the direction.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

A domestic room, map description IDC

銆怰EVIEW銆?graphic composition of a room IDC.

Requirements according to many friends, but also to allow some interested in network technology research beginner friend to see Gao Biao Zhun's equipment, the number of Keneng Ganjuebijiao mystery of what Jieshaochulai Ji Dajiakankan. If there is no better room than this, ah? It's really too much, and I is to use this room as an example for everyone to Aspect things. It will use the detailed text and some close-up pictures as we introduce some small knowledge.

First of all, please take a look at the broad map room

Such a figure can be seen divided into several major functional areas. First talk about the basic requirements for rooms.

First: anti-static (you can see the anti-static floor. Conditions a good time but also in building a house stamped on the inside walls of copper in the full-shield)

Second: temperature, dust-proof (because shooting perspective, I think you do not see the air conditioning. The room equipped with central air conditioning, central air conditioning, but the role of the professional is not room, it also installed five of Guiji)

Third: enough power to protect (the importance of not redundant power, said power supply line not only the general room, and are equipped with uninterruptible ups, not the general power supply ah! It is because there is a momentary fluctuations in power supply peak, while the network of electronic equipment are most afraid of is this.)

If there is a condition of the. Lightning has to be done, by the way, is not able to use ordinary lightning. So much simpler.

Then ups, give you a few map making

Although we can see to the right of the battery cabinet very very big, in fact, it is not worth much, really valuable is the ups of the control center. This model is now our room is far not enough, if our equipment if fully open, the ups can only take 6 hours. However, it also enough to our needs.

Incidentally. The ups we use the two over a year. He just might win. Point the problem is not yet over-fulfilled, because it calibration is 4 hours, in fact, we fully loaded with seven hours under 8 hours is used. Idc room with a large general brands are apc's. But through the use of more, or are using this brand, Emerson. The quality is really good. Price is not expensive, only more than 20,000.

The following graph is the control center for the ups:

Well, then we went to see important core equipment. Here is equivalent to a room, or even that the core of a network!

Figure we see is a standard cabinet which has a bunch of guys. Please note that a small detail: the cabinet, and fiber optic cable inside the plug should have 2 more than 100, but we think, if you do not use standard wiring, then certainly there are cobwebs child, and on a network administrators, will be a giant headache ah!

We see a range that is: fiber switching equipment

Optical switching equipment included are: fiber optic transceivers, fiber optic coupler, fiber optic switches. At present, the network switching equipment, and fiber to catch all sides. That its price is relatively higher number of the. We see the most top three rows of optical fiber coupler. This is not worth much, but then the fiber of a financial transfer, just a few hundred dollars. Incidentally mention: In the past financial access to more than 500 single fiber, we are, then melt a few dozen dollars. Ha ha

Then the following one is precious. This is the all-optical port (all optical module interface) switch. Tens of thousands. Because it is not bare I was 1000 m, the switch backplane capacity is tens of G's. Back, you understand the data throughput for the switch bar.

Close-up pictures for everyone to see:

We can see that this map is the all-optical switch of the mouth.

Then take a look at this

This is a fiber optic transceiver. Special is the replacement fiber optic data connections to the power running of the mouth. If this is a good router, you do not have this thing, he is the backbone of our CNC machine room and computer room with a direct connection. This little thing is several thousand dollars for.

We have several fibers connecting room. Look at two:

The left is tplink's. Right vcom's. The right quality is much better than the left. Friendly reminder: If you what to buy network equipment, tplink of cheap but quality or lose some. Conditional or try to buy 3com or vcom of it. You really have money? Well, buy cisco's it!

When you see just the core area. In the diagram inside the red box with a live, that is, a network security equipment.

Network security equipment, we can not think that the only firewall has. Is an important part of the firewall. Look at the chart I gave you inside. Including two gigabit hardware firewall. Both are 300 000.

To take a look at chart:

The following it wants.

Sf now the most popular is the ddos attack. What is a ddos attack? That the white hair over a large number of small packets to port your sf 7000. You with these small data processing is not over, let alone respond to the real game data. Therefore, an ordinary person with an ordinary Internet cafes or adsl sf servers, you would like a simple rectification is. Online everywhere this tool! Who sf if you are not afraid. Years, to say the address to listen.

In fact, for ddos attacks, maybe has a firewall that I also do not dare say to a complete prevention, but is the kind of wave-style attacks on the hardware needed to support large-scale, general personal attack me here, or more than sufficient enough.

It was asked. With the firewall that you do not sit back and relax yet? Wrong! Firewalls can prevent some common, obsolete hacker attacks and scanning. If high levels of hackers, then he can attack coming. This says more. Come to a halt come to a halt!

A security gateway filter. The 10 million for? Filter virus, the sensitivity filter, yellow, reactionary character, filter spam, and so on, all depends on it.

Caution has been in many other occasions some online friends, try not to fllg, yellow site, do not send the information of some reactionary, because the network set up around a number of surveillance equipment. Also there are people who do not believe. This equipment is to monitor all network data packets through here and see what you are doing. Even now you can see what page I now know! (Of course ask you to read my packet here. Oh. Do not be afraid)


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e-cology in the Pan Micro Series 54

Daily / weekly / monthly / quarterly / annual automatically every time the staff performance appraisal report

When the end or the end of the year we all very busy, mainly to write a variety of assessment reports and peer assessment approach similar to performance evaluation, supervisor may also write to you to check each one. Virtually all of the do have a system to help if the record of each employee's work, and can dynamically generate relevant performance evaluation, then a lot of duplication of work can do less!

Weaver's first of all employees, and he must do things in the e-cology on login, which is doing a good job for themselves, completing the work plan for employees to rate themselves and submitted to higher authorities, higher authorities carried out to confirm this rate, the higher recognition of the scheduled tasks will be recorded for later query.

With all this history, we can easily extract every employee's daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual work report.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WiMAX and TD-band battle began deemed to be an advantageous position in China

November 13 news, comprehensive foreign media reports and MII-related news, is at the "World Radio Communications Conference," has begun to discuss the allocation of WiMAX spectrum, WiMAX and TD-band battle started. China has been named 2.3GHz ~ 2.4GHz frequency band drafting group chairman, received a favorable position for the time being.

7-band WiMAX candidate

Prior to the October 20, WiMAX standard was officially approved as the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) standards for the fourth 3G. Previously occupied as WiMAX may have a core of intellectual property rights in China TD-SCDMA band, therefore, WiMAX in the end in what frequency band of concern.

It is reported that currently held in Geneva, Switzerland, World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-07) has been discussing IMT-2000 (3G) follow-up systems and IMT-Advanced (4G) of development, which include WiMAX frequency bands.

Candidate of the band actually seven, the ground segment of the 7 candidate program are: 410MHz ~ 430MHz, 450MHz ~ 470MHz, 470MHz ~ 806/862MHz, 2300MHz ~ 2400MHz, 2700MHz ~ 2900MHz, 3400MHz ~ 4200MHz, 4400MHz ~ 4990MHz. The satellite component of the candidate band is 1518MHz ~ 1525MHz/1668MHz ~ 1675MHz. In the current WRC conference, various national and regional telecommunication organizations in their respective countries and regions from the protection of radio services in the perspective of the proposals submitted to the ITU.

Remove the excluded 410MHz ~ 430MHz and 2700MHz ~ 2900MHz frequency, the rest of the 450MHz ~ 470MHz, 470MHz ~ 806/862MHz, 2300MHz ~ 2400MHz, 3400MHz ~ 4200MHz and 4400MHz ~ 4990MHz this 5 IMT candidate bands in the ground, support and opposition IMT frequency, they become divided, stalemate, although the President has repeatedly called upon to make a compromise frequency IMT candidate, but the discussion on the IMT band or the world into the adhesion phase.

One concern is the WiMAX frequency bands. According to some experts had said the carriers hope 2.5GHz WiMAX frequency planning to use the following band, because if the allocation of frequency bands 3.5GHz and above, due to relatively high frequencies, the base station generate the uplink throughput and downlink throughput are relatively small, WiMAX difficult to embody a number of features. Therefore, the current TD-SCDMA uses 2.3GHz ~ 2.4GHz frequency band is eyeing a number of countries, hoping to use the WiMAX frequency bands.

In what the future WiMAX frequencies States is inconclusive, the current national WiMAX trial network band variety. For example, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) had to 3.65GHz ~ 3.70GHz spectrum allocated to WiMAX, the United Kingdom for the WiMAX distributed 2010MHz ~ 2025MHz, 2290MHz ~ 2302MHz and 2500MHz ~ 2690MHz band, etc..

Temporary access to an advantageous position in China

It is reported that, due to 2.3GHz ~ 2.4GHz frequency band related to the future of China's TD-SCDMA industry, application and development of the world, relations to other countries, the division of this band and application of a national radio management of natural focus of attention. China also attaches great importance to this, Ministry of Information Industry Xi Guohua, vice minister himself went to Geneva to attend the World Radiocommunication Conference.

According to Ministry of Information Industry said the information, since the opening of the General Assembly, issues related to the Working Group has held 30 meetings to consider the frequency of the IMT candidate. China Radio Management to safeguard national interests, the delegation embarked on hard work. Question members of the group to give up evenings and weekends breaks, read through hundreds of pages of technical information, national proposals, positions and views on the state carried out intensive research.

After the Chinese delegation actively seek, in other candidate frequency band is still in stalemate situation, contributed to China's early band 2.3GHz ~ 2.4GHz drafting group was established, and was appointed Chairman of the Drafting Group on the post. This post is very important fight for my future band TD-SCDMA and the international development of space to provide greater voice.

It is reported that the drafting group meeting, the Chinese delegation for non-technical considerations of some unreasonable demands were strongly resisted, expounded China's position.

Some experts said that at present the State has allocated WiMAX frequency band up to about 4 points, far from meeting the large-scale mobile WiMAX network requirements. The frequency of any country on the demand for WiMAX are facing great difficulties and challenges, therefore, the next competition for WiMAX spectrum will be fierce struggle.

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Hands was a small component (component entry) _asp

Hands was a small component (component entry)

This article is mainly for the ASP wants to raise the level of their own people to write! The ASP code into components, developers not only accelerates the speed of ASP, but also to protect their code. This article was written out also for users to want to develop components on an introductory course!

Below, we will write a very simple components, with emphasis on know how to develop DLL component, rather than the complexity of code! They have to rely on your own efforts in the future.

Server-side components

First, the server-side components to be different from the client component. Client-side component is transmitted through the network, relying on HTML to work. And can only be useful in IE on. But the server-side component is running on the server side, it perform various operations on the server. Therefore, all browsers can enjoy, it relies on the server rather than the browser.

When IIS is an ASP request execution program, it will first be found in the ASP file, the code between the tags and execute it (can also be between the code). If the ASP program had previously been called, then it will compiled with the memory of the procedure to return HTML code to the user, if not, then it is recompiled. Here ASP CGI a little more than the speed advantage, because the CGI is used for each request is a thread. so far consumed server resources.

Want you to write the program itself will run in IIS!?! Now you on the list! Using VB5 (VB6 of course it is), you can create Dynamic Linked Libraries (DLL files) that can run directly in IIS ( asp file to the request if there are any).

System and software requirements

You need a 32-bit operating system to run ASP. Of course, you have to install IIS or PWS. We the following procedure was windows95 + PWS + VB5 environment development.

Here we go

Start your VB, select the ActiveX icon. This icon can be found in new construction! VB project will provide a default name (project1) and the class name (class1). We will all get rid of these two names. In the renamed before first make sure we have the Microsoft Active Server Pages Object Library, it is very useful in our process. from the menu, select "Project", and then selecting "quote" appears "reference" window, choose Microsoft Active Server Pages Object Library.

To the project and class name

Now we come to based on their hobbies to the project1 and named class1 to it! Name to them is also very important to the future, we will use the project name and class name to create an instance of this component! Later in detail.

How to rename, I do not want to say!
Our project name changed to Exmaple, class name Helloword

How to use project and class

Now we have our own project (Example1) and the class name (HelloWorld). Then we will use them in ASP code names to refer to this component. In ASP so we quote as follows:

Set ObjReference = Server.CreateObject ("ProjectName.ClassName")

A reference for our project is:

Set ObjReference = Server.CreateObject ("Example1.HelloWorld")

Now we will be able to call us with ObjReference created in the component function, subroutine. Now we will write a SayHello subroutine, the code we execute it as follows:

In order to use ASP in Helloword class method, you must write in such a OnStartPage
Functions. As follows:

Public Sub OnStartPage (PassedScriptingContext As ScriptingContext)
Set MyScriptingContext = PassedScriptingContext
End Sub

Now, whenever the user to access a file with the components of ASP, IIS will send the ScriptingContext invited us to use our target. This includes all of the ASP ScriptingContext methods and properties. Implementations, which makes our ability to access to all ASP objects. look at the following code:

Public Sub OnStartPage (PassedScriptingContext As ScriptingContext)
Set MyScriptingContext = PassedScriptingContext
Set MyApplication = MyScriptingContext.Application
Set MyRequest = MyScriptingContext.Request
Set MyResponse = MyScriptingContext.Response
Set MyServer = MyScriptingContext.Server
Set MySession = MyScriptingContext.Session
End Sub

Then we will be able to be used in place of VB using ASP in MyApplication Application, empathy can replace the Request, Server ....., but we came here before to OnStartPage to state that these variables:

Private MyScriptingContext As ScriptingContext
Private MyApplication As Application
Private MyRequest As Request
Private MyResponse As Response
Private MyServer As Server
Private MySession As Session


Objects using ASP

Our variables can now standard ASP objects like to use it!, For example, we often used in the ASP Request.form () to collect data to submit the form. Now we are in our VB to achieve this function, the code is as follows:

With ASP to achieve:

In VB to achieve:

MyTempVariable = MyRequest.Form ("userName")
MyResponse.Write ("you entered" & MyTempVariable & "as your user name")

Instead of using MyResponse Response, we can use all the Response methods, of course, MyResponse name can easily to take, and you may even get Response.
The other thing we have to note that we have established in our class, write OnEndPage Functions, this OnStartPage the opposite! OnStartPage is to create objects, OnEndPage object is destroyed.

Public Sub OnEndPage ()
Set MyScriptingContext = Nothing
Set MyApplication = Nothing
Set MyRequest = Nothing
Set MyResponse = Nothing
Set MyServer = Nothing
Set MySession = Nothing
End Sub

SayHello method

Us to create a sub function that shows "Holle World". This SayHello method is a sub function HelloWorld this class, we later used in the ASP below shows this method

SayHello procedure, very simple!

Public Sub SayHello ()
MyResponse.Write ("Hello World")
End Sub

The preparation of a small component now complete, the remaining work is to compile the component, in the "Project" menu, save it, and take what names can we use Exmaple1.vbp it! Then used in the menu "make exmaple1.dll", to compile into a DLL file. a component of the real done!

Note that compile this component you must first turn off your PWS, and then compile the component. Otherwise VB will tell you that some components in use.

Used in the ASP component of our own.

When you correct the error in the compilation successfully compiled example1 this project, and now you have to come up with your favorite HTML editor to write the following statement, save for the ASP file.

After running you can see the result:

Hello World

Registration Component

If you want your friends and neighbors to share your components, then you'll have in your system, register your component. We generally use Regsvr32.exe to register the component. Registration of your component will appear in the Win95/Win98 the windows / system directory. Here is an example of registration:

Regsvr32.exe C: / wwwroot/Example1/Example1.dll

In your system, VB will automatically register you, so you rarely Regsvr32.exe

We are here just to write a very small component, you can own more written components, but also in a lot of control with VB.
Let us expand our program components to the function it! We hope to see lots of Chinese people component.

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Bluesea VCD SVCD Ripper Platinum

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How-to DVD to Mobile

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